All We Are Saying is Give Skypeace a Chance

We know you’re out there, Bird Mania 3D fans. You love cheap-o endless runner games, or endless flier games, or anything that’s seemingly endless and just keeps you moving across a challenging route as  you attempt to set a high score. These are the games that addict people like you! And you’re not sorry.

What does that means for the game Skypeace, a Japanese eShop game from Sonic Powered? We’re not too sure yet, but we suspect there are plenty of runner fans out there who’d like to see this one localized. Sonic Powered has recently made its debut in the North American market with I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport Hero Hawaii (…riiiight…) so it’s entirely possible we may see more of their work in the North American eShop.

Anyway, Skypeace is sort-of endless, with ten stages and similar endless-runner flying and game mechanics (collect coins! Fly your surfboard! Don’t crash!). If this is one you’d like to see on this side of the pond, make some noise on Sonic Powered channels! Or find someone with a Japanese 3DS.

Either way, check out the trailer below and see a little more of this sort-of-endless-but-not-really title that you can’t play yet:


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