Marvel Characters Finally Trudge into Disney Infinity

Who called it? We did! It was about time Disney started integrating its other properties into Disney Infinity—with so many different beloved characters from so many franchises, it didn’t make sense to us that Disney was holding back on promoting Disney Infinity through the use of those characters.

Finally, Disney has confirmed the existence of Marvel characters in an upcoming “version 2.0” of its toy-driven game. We’re given the confirmation in a YouTube teaser trailer, titled “Get Ready to Assemble,” and we see the unmistakable Captain America shield soaring over Disney’s famous imaginary worlds.

“Bring on the superheroes,” as we see in the trailer, is surely the call of everyone who saw the potential for using Disney’s other properties in this game long ago. Is it enough to save Disney Infinity from oblivion? They’re probably hoping so.

Now… how about some Star Wars characters?

We’ll report on more details as they’re undoubtedly released in the coming weeks.


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