PAX East 2014: Seeking Treasure Adventure World on Wii U

Robit Studios’ Treasure Adventure World has been receiving some great buzz since it was shown at Minecon 2013, so we were happy to hear it would be showing up at PAX East 2014. While the game is currently planned only for initial release on the PC, consoles and handheld devices are on the table for development in the future—and we figure, the more people know about the game and make lots of noise to see it on Nintendo products, the more likely it is to be considered earlier in the development process.

The level on demo here was centered around a giant tree, and the aim was to climb the tree and make it to the top. On your way up, you encounter various obstacles and story elements that you may choose to pursue. For example, at one point on the climb you’ll encounter some bugs that have a disease (oh, woe!) and need a cure. You have the option of accepting the quest to try and find a cure for the bugs, or you can just keep climbing your way up the tree.

Sometimes the tree had holes with enemies to battle, others contained puzzles of varying difficulty, but overall it seems like the game is more experience-based and not really focused on combat. If you’re a little more adventurous, you might want to take advantage of the in-game compass—it’ll point you more or less in the right direction, but it’s mostly there to let you know that there’s cool stuff to see and discover in one direction  or another. There’s an on-screen marker that glows once you get near to that area—all in all, not something entirely new to RPGs, but it’s a welcome element that’s helpful and adds to the enjoyment of the game.

Boss battles use the same mechanic of stages in order to complete the “level.” It uses strategic thinking, puzzle-solving, and a bit of combat to achieve your desired result. Game creator Stephen Orlando has cited Super Mario Bros. 2 as a major inspiration for the game, and that comes out fairly clearly during the demo.

Of course, there appears to be much more to the game than climbing trees (you get to sail a boat!), and we hear that there’s a different demo level available on the game’s pre-order page. Try it, and if you like it, make some waves about wanting to see it on Nintendo products! There’s no release date yet for the full PC version, but we imagine we’ll hear about that in the near future.


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