PAX East 2014: First Impressions – Moon Chronicles (3DS)

Over at the Renegade Kid booth, there were several 3DS handhelds set up with the new release of Moon Chronicles. According to the developers at the booth, the game will be released in an episodic format—we’ll have the first part of the game at the highest price (which is mostly content others have seen before) and then subsequent episodes at a lower cost. Release date is TBA, but it should be out fairly soon (we’re talking within a few months).

With this version of the game, it’s more or less a rebuild of the original FPS game for the DS. What I played at PAX East 2014 was an early version—there’s still more work to be done, but it wasn’t as impressive as I’d initially expected… in fact, I didn’t even encounter any enemies. It was a simple level to navigate around, which can be done via touch-screen or with the buttons.

The touch-screen also contains your hot button controls for interactions—ie. opening doors, picking up various items, and changing weapons.

The game in its current iteration isn’t all that impressive, especially in terms of graphics, but there’s still more work to be done on it before the final release. The team at Renegade Kid is known for putting out fun, easily handled games, so presumably they won’t let this one go before it’s as perfect as they want it to be.

That said, FPS titles on the 3DS have had significant difficulty finding success—but if anyone can do it and do it well, perhaps this is the team to make it happen… we’ll just have to wait and see.


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