PAX East: Console Tournaments (Saturday)

Spend a lot of time on the Expo Hall floor yesterday? Take in a board game or two, and looking for a little break today? Why not check out a console tournament?

The signups begin at 10am, with practice time for the day’s tournaments between 10-11am. Get there early to sign up, because these two-hour tourneys have smaller player caps to ensure the tourney doesn’t take longer than the time allotted.

Remember to play nicely and make friends! Then beat the crap out of them in the game. This is supposed to be fun, people!

Nintendo-based tournaments are highlighted to make decisions easier for you. If you know what we’re saying…

  • 11am-1pm – Goldeneye
  • 12pm-2pm – Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • 1pm-3pm – Tony Hawk PS2
  • 2pm-4pm – Blur
  • 3pm-5pm – Halo CE: Anniversary
  • 5pm-7pm – Puzzle Bobble
  • 6pm-8pm – Persona 4 Arena
  • 7pm-9pm – You Don’t Know Jack
  • 8pm-12am – Divekick (*Note: This is the only tourney listed as 4 hours long in the program, despite the info packet saying all tourneys are 2 hours or less. Please check at sign-up as to the duration of this event to avoid frustration!)
  • 9pm-11pm – NBA Jam: On Fire


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