PAX East 2014: Could Nnooo Bring Orbitor to Wii U?

Despite the game currently being only available on Steam Greenlight, and coming to PS4 soon, Orbitor is a game in development by Canberra studio Evil Aliens. It’s an action/adventure game with stunning visuals, taking place in space.

In space, you control a space probe (Orbitor) and lock onto various objects, orbit them (surprise!), destroy them, and collect the energy they release. According to the official write-up, “the probe is an autonomous and self-repairing Artificial Intelligence returning to its place of origin complete with upgraded abilities and a new mission—to stop its creator.”

A brief glance at this title shows just how much potential it would have on a Nintendo system. The team has indicated that they’d like to bring it to other systems in the near future, but haven’t confirmed anything yet—not really a surprise, as they’d probably like to finish the game first. Still! This is a hectic and fast-paced game with plenty of mass appeal.

The soundtrack is crisp, the challenge is just right, and you’ll have your visual acuity tested in the way that some gamers absolutely love (our Nintendo Fire team is split on this one). The game itself is fairly intuitive, and you can see how it would fit quite naturally into the motion control of the GamePad. According to the developers, the game will receive more fine tuning than what they brought to PAX East before release, but this is certainly a game with promise.

We’re encouraging any of our readers who want to see this game on Nintendo platforms to head over to the developer’s social media pages and let them know! They’ll be looking to expand their reach soon, so let’s keep Nintendo at the front of their field of vision.


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