PAX East: Console Tournaments (Sunday)

Feet feeling tired? Need to take a load off? Finish off your amazing PAX weekend with a console tournament! These smaller tourneys only take 2 hours and have a smaller player cap, so you have a chance to play (and actually win!) instead of being pitted against a career pro and getting smashed to bits in the first ten seconds of the game.

Get to signup as early as you can—signups begin at 10am—and you can practice for an hour between 10-11am for the tournaments today. If your tournament is later in the day, please be aware that this is still the only available practice time. That said, it’s a good way to avoid the initial final rush into the Expo Hall, so do check these out if it was on your list of things to do this weekend.

Nintendo-based tourneys are highlighted because… well, you know.

  • 11am-1pm – Saturn Bomberman
  • 12pm-2pm – Diddy Kong Racing
  • 1pm-3pm – Soul Calibur 5
  • 2pm-4pm – Killer Instinct
  • 3pm-5pm – Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
  • 4pm-6pm – Call of Duty: Ghosts


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