GameStop Closing 120 Stores, Expanding Mobile Branding

At the beginning of the week, GameStop played host to its annual Investor Day. This is the day where the company hypes up everyone and then hits them with the plans for the coming year… and this year, GameStop is planning for: Store closures!

Ouch. They’re not closing all their stores, and it can’t really be considered a “mass closure,” but GameStop is looking to streamline how it does business. There are plans to close between 120-130 stores in the year ahead, reducing the total of 6,457 that are currently open worldwide.

From the sounds of things, GameStop is trying to expand its reach in a different way—such as through its Cricket, Simply Mac, and Spring Mobile brands. They want to open hundreds of new stores across these franchises, with a heavy focus on mobile devices.

CEO Paul Raines has been calling this “GameStop 3.0” as they look to expand the non-gaming side of their business… but doing it in such a way that it looks remarkably similar to the gaming side of things.

Will this work? Will consumers respond? GameStop is an enormous game retailer around the world, so this could either work very well or tank miserably. Either way, we hope that the employees at the stores being closed have the opportunity to find new work in the new, “other”-focused stores.


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