Disney Infinity 2.0 Coming to Wii U (But Not the Wii)

Disney Infinity has managed to go from “possibly a terrible mistake” to actually doing fairly well in the marketplace over the past year. The game struggled at the start, but it seems to have bitten off a nice chunk of the revenue for NFC games for itself—maybe not as unbelievable as it seems, considering how many beloved characters are owned by Disney.

The most recent announcement about the game’s progression focused mostly on the inclusion of Marvel characters, with Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes being the next iteration of the game. Naturally, this means a new set of Marvel figures to purchase, in order to access in-game characters.

Along with the figures, there will be Play Sets adventures, with the game itself written by Marvel comic writer Michael Bendis. You’ll have over 20 Marvel characters to choose from to play in-game, provided you have the correct figure to do so, and it sounds like the gameplay will be fairly similar to what we saw in the previous Disney Infinity game.

There will be, however, much bigger environments to explore, which might explain why the Wii is being overlooked on release day. We’ll also see an enhancement of the Toy Box, with adventures that are themed around the various Disney franchises included. There will be an upgraded Creator tool for building worlds—again, possibly a reason why we’re not seeing it on the Wii, but yes to the Wii U.

All the previously released Disney Infinity figures, power discs, and toys will be compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, along with an increase in the level cap (from 15 to 20, as we have seen happen in the Skylanders games) and a skills tree for additional customization (as we’ve seen in Skylanders).

And because you need more items to purchase, there will be new circular and hexagonal Power Discs for things like team-ups, AoE attacks, new weapons, new vehicles, terrain/sky customization, and even new costumes. Purchasing the new game requires the purchase of a Starter Pack, which will include three Marvel characters (Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man), as well as the new 2.0 base, two Toy Box game discs, a Play Set piece, and a Web Code card.

You’ll be losing all your savings on this game in Fall 2014, and while it will be released on every major platform, who are we kidding? You already know you’ll be buying it on the Wii U (right?).


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