Living in the “World of Nintendo”

Evidently, Nintendo really meant it when they said they were planning on ramping up their leveraging of IPs in the commercial marketplace this year. With such a large library of characters to draw from, there are plenty of opportunities available—and the new “World of Nintendo” toy series shows us the time has come.

To start, we’re seeing Mario Kart 8’s tie-ins get a big shove, with special cars and track sets braking onto store shelves very soon. Some karts will be able to drive on walls (just like the anti-gravity theme we see in the game), probably using suction-powered technology as we’ve seen in other toys in previous years.


In addition, there will be plenty of playsets and character figurines from Nintendo’s famous faces—everyone from Mario to Star Fox, and plenty in between. While there don’t seem to be details quite yet of what toys are being released where, you can see some of what’s coming around the world in our photos below.




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