Mario Kart 8 Bundle Coming to Nintendo World Store

We have good and bad news for Mario Kart 8 fans. While European fans will be getting the Mario Kart 8 limited edition bundle of a copy of the game and a Blue Shell figurine, until now no such collectible had been announced for North America. It seemed like we’d be missing out on this exciting item… until today!

Er, that is, if you live in New York. The Nintendo World store in New York City has announced that they will be selling that very same collector’s edition—with different box art—exclusively in their store.

And while that’s a harsh reality for North American fans who live, say, not anywhere near New York, at least the bundle will be available here in one form or another.

If you have a friend in New York City, now’d be the time to bribe them into getting one for you. If you don’t have a friend in New York City… well, you have about three weeks left to make one. Go ye forth and socialize!


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