Screenshots & Details Emerge on Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is the buzz right now, with recent news coming down the line on its Japanese release date and the involvement of Team Ninja on the project. Some additional details have emerged regarding the game’s design and gameplay, thankfully translated by the ever-helpful Siliconera… And it’s sounding pretty good!

There will be local multiplayer—one person on the GamePad and one on the TV—with multiple playable characters, as one might expect. The Elite Guard leader has been confirmed as Impa, using a long sword in battle. Combat will feel different based on the different weapons being used, just as one might expect: Swifter movement with a one-handed sword, heavier impact with large weapons, and so forth.

We’ll also see some classic, favorite attacks, like Link’s Spin Attack. Some screenshots of the game have emerged and they look great, considering the surprising news that the game is actually only at 70% development and it’s due for an August 14th release in Japan.

Either way, these are experienced development teams, so we have every confidence the game will release on schedule. It should be interesting to see how it shapes up!


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