Tappingo 2 Coming to 3DS This Summer

Who loves puzzles and challenges in their games? Then you’re probably familiar with Goodbye Galaxy Games, a publisher whose game Tappingo has recently arrived in the eShop. It received good feedback from players, which has in turn sparked the publisher to make another one!

Tappingo 2 will arrive on the 3DS eShop in the summer, with more details and footage to arrive in the weeks ahead. Right now, we know that there will be a zoom mode to help players with bigger puzzles, and over 100 puzzles to confound and delight players.

And there’s more good news for Goodbye Galaxy Games, as they’ve recently achieved an approval status as a Nintendo publisher, right alongside the reveal of Gomba, its 3DS game prototype creation tool.

So, if you’re interested in puzzle games, or if you’ve already enjoyed the original Tappingo, this is good news all around for you.


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