Photos with Mario and $10 eShop Cards

Photos with Mario launched last week… what’s that? You don’t know what we’re talking about? That’s okay, no one else seems to know either. Nintendo of America stuck it into the eShop without saying anything—not even bothering to mention it on the official download update—and so it’s been up to fans and gamers to discover its presence.

It’s a free app that Nintendo has finally remembered about this week, finally providing an official website with some demo videos and images. There are collectible AR cards that will be sold at Target starting this Wednesday (May 28th), which are bundled with special edition eShop fund cards worth $10.

So… if you were planning on buying anything in the eShop ever again, picking up one of these AR card bundles makes the cards more or less free. Which seems kind of silly, but we’re not going to complain!

Either way, it’s a fun way to collect the cards, unless you want to take the easy / cheater’s way out by pointing your 3DS at a website with scanned cards on it. Not that we’d ever do that. Ahem.

Anyway, go check it out and give this app some love. If you want. Whatever. (Hey, we’re just taking a cue from NoA!)


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