Here Comes the Shaq Attack in Tomodachi Life!

Nintendo is determined that 2DS/3DS owners learn about all the joys of its upcoming title, Tomodachi Life… and they’re going to do everything they can to get your attention for it!

The latest trailer for the game introduces two more celebrity Miis that you’ll find within the game and that will be used in promotions for the June 6th release.

In this promo, we have snowboarding legend Shaun White, and basketball royalty Shaquille O’Neal. It’s not all that surprising to see Shaq in a game promotion, but the whole thing is really a bit of fun to try and get new folks interested in what the game is all about.

You’ll see a little bit of game featured in this trailer, along with Shaq’s cool moves and other interesting shots. There’s a wide range of celebrity Mii characters in this game, so if you’re not down for another Shaq attack, certainly there’ll be someone you’d like to virtually chillax with?


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