Impressive Gameplay Footage for Mighty No. 9

Although we’ll still be waiting awhile for Mighty No. 9 on the Wii U and 3DS eShop—Spring 2015, to be exact—Comcept is living up to its promise to ensure continued updates to its Kickstarter page as it develops the game.

The latest post from the company shows off around 90 seconds of gameplay, and while it’s very impressive—full backgrounds, enemy designs, environmental hazards, and a dash/energy absorb move—the developer reminds us that it’s early footage. Which means it’ll get even better.

Comcept posted the video along with a message:

“Mighty May is coming to a close and we like to go out with a BANG!

…Or a pew pew pew, I guess? It’d be a really loud and majestic pew, I swear…

Perhaps a loud and/or majestic sound answering your cries for sweet, sweet game footage of the early Mighty playable ROMs you’ve seen INAFKING and the comcept staff playing!

Pictures just ain’t cutting it anymore, you say? You want to see the real deal, live and (mostly) uncut?

The pew pew heard, you, friends. And the pew pew abides. We’re thrilled to show you an exclusive first look at both Mighty No. 2 AND Mighty No. 5’s stages, including a sneak peak at the boss battles!!”

Now check out the video below… are you getting excited for this release? Think they can live up to the hype they’ve created for themselves? They’re certainly following through on their update promises, so things are looking positive at this point.


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