Wii Sports Club Goes Retail This July

Nintendo of America has announced some release details for the retail release of Wii Sports Club, an addition to their release of the Sports Club games through download individually. The final two downloadable games, Baseball and Boxing, will be available beginning on June 26th at 9pm EST, but the retail version with all five sports games will hit shelves on July 26th.

It may be a good idea for anyone interested in all five games to hold off on downloading, as the retail release will be $39.99, which is a $10 savings from the download price of $9.99 for a “permanent club pass” for each sport.

The two final entries we’ve learned about, Baseball and Boxing, utilize the Wii U’s motion features as you’d expect. Baseball will use the Wii MotionPlus to bat and the GamePad screen & movement will assist with field actions. With Boxing, you’ll use the MotionPlus remotes in both hands to simulate a more accurate, uh, punching environment.


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