Final Fantasy Explorers Website Appears

Although there isn’t much there yet in the way of content, there’s enough on the just-launched Final Fantasy Explorers Japanese website to make fans of the FF franchise squee with delight.

Despite the “coming soon” text, there are four classic Final Fantasy jobs shown on the site—Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, Knight—and from what we see in the text, these jobs are sticking to the traditional roles we love inside this new world.

The website also shows off the traditional summon Ifrit, but as with everything else surrounding this new 3DS RPG, we have no idea how these creatures will play into the game.

Right now, all we can see is that it’s likely a multiplayer 3DS RPG game in a new Final Fantasy world—but let’s be honest, FF fans, do you really need any more information to put this on your “must buy” list? Yeah… didn’t think so.


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