Tetris Ultimate Coming to Nintendo After All

Ubisoft’s recent announcement of the forthcoming Tetris Ultimate—a game to celebrate Tetris’ 30 years of addictive, block-placing line creation—was met with mixed enthusiasm. As much as we wanted to cheer for the game, many Nintendo fans couldn’t help but notice that Nintendo wasn’t on the list of game devices that Tetris Ultimate would make its way onto.

A resounding “thanks for nothing, Ubisoft” seemed to once again be the Nintendo fan’s battle cry, considering just how much of Tetris’ success (beyond the Tandy 1000, for example) came from the once-ubiquitous Game Boy version.

Since the initial announcement, Ubisoft has quietly confirmed that it will in fact be bringing Tetris Ultimate to the 3DS sometime this Fall. That’s great news, sure! But they’re going to have to do something to make this title really stand out, considering we’ve already seen Tetris on the 3DS (Tetris Axis, anyone?) and that the original game is available for download via Virtual Console.

That said, it seems the world can’t get enough of Tetris in any form, so here’s to 30 years and a new game on the 3DS!


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