Where Rejected Cartridges Go to Die

If you’re a reddit user, you may have already seen this—but if not, read on!

Reddit user HxCurt spends his work hours at a recycling plant, and posted a photo of a 12,000 pound (545 kilogram) box of abandoned 3DS and DS cartridges. The cartridges are headed out to be stripped and recycled for other things. Aww, poor games!

Actually, don’t feel too bad just yet. According to HxCurt, most of the games in his photo are copies of the, uh, *cough* beloved *cough* iCarly 2: iJoin the Click! Title… though there are other games in the box as well.

HxCurt had this to say about his photograph:

“This is a gaylord (that’s what the boxes are called), they are generally 48″x48″x48″. I manage an e-recycling warehouse and these were at my buyer’s place. The only value is in the gold scrap. Looked to be like 75% iCarly 2, with some others mixed in. I’d guess they simply couldn’t be sold.”


So, now you know where DS & 3DS games go to die. Er, to be reincarnated? Is that what we should call it, since they’re being recycled for other things? Hrm…


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