Mario “White Edition” Will Work in NA

Over the years, we’ve seen a fair number of 3DS hardware designs that have been only available in Japan (or elsewhere, but mostly Japan)… some of them have made their way to North American shores, but it’s never a done deal.

In fact, you may recall the iQue 3DS XL designs released for China, which were some of the nicest designs we’ve seen on the 3DS for some time. Now, it appears that the red and white Mario edition from that initial iQue set just might be available for North American fans.

Importers will already be familiar with, which has currently listed the white edition Mario 3DS for pre-order. And while the site is, as expected, targeted at the area in which the model was created for, the listing also suggests the model has the North American build & OS on board.

Providing that the listing is correct at the time of writing, the white edition will play North American region games, making it a viable option if you’re looking to upgrade your handheld. Now, the system is bundled with titles you may already have (or aren’t interested in), and it’s costlier than the models we can get on store shelves here—coming in at $299.99 for pre-order, as opposed to the $199.99 we’re typically paying for a 3DS XL on this side of the globe.

That said, if the page listing is accurate, this edition is an option for you and for collectors out there. Now it remains to be seen if has it right!


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