Shovel Knight’s Special Unlockable “Butt Mode”

One of the delights of retro gaming was the inevitable slew of cheat codes that could be used to unlock features, perks, and other strange things. Gamers of the past spent unspeakable hours trying to figure these things out and discover their favorite game’s secrets, and in the true retro-gaming spirit, Shovel Knight has a plethora of cheat codes of its own.

The best code, however—and perhaps the only code worth using, some might argue—is the game’s Butt Mode. This mode replaces many of the game’s most common words—ie. “Shovel,” “Knight,” and even “Magic”) with the word “Butt.”

To unlock this delightful cheat code and more, start a new character and enter the code for the cheat as the character’s name. Some resourceful and delightful soul on the Steam forums has compiled a list of over 300 codes discovered so far, but if you’re scanning that list for the mode we all want, here’s the code you need:


Go ahead. Try that on for size on both the Wii U version and the 3DS version. You’re welcome, friends.


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