Pokémon Online Store Re-Launches in North America

Although common in Japan, it’s a rare sight to see The Pokémon Center stores here in North America. There are three brick-and-mortar versions of the store on this continent—two in Washington State, and a third in New York City inside the Nintendo World Store.

And in the past—ending in February 2008, to be exact—fans were able to access The Pokémon Center online, though it was closed in order for The Pokémon Company to focus more on retail locations.

But these kinds of things tend to come full circle (honestly, who closes an online store catering to a rabid global fanbase?!), and the online store will be re-launching on August 6th for North Americans. The store will feature various Pokémon merch items, such as plushies, iPhone cases, and stationary.

The site had a soft launch earlier this week, so some of the merch has been seen already—perhaps you are tempted?


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