Camp Miiverse Challenge Means Fewer Bug Bites

What’s better than heading off to the wilderness to sleep in mosquito-infested cabins with screaming kids and singing songs around a campfire? Staying home and sleeping in your own bed! Not having to share! Okay, so many some peoples’ camp memories are better than others, but the one major downside of going off to “real” camp is the distinct lack of video games.

But that’s all changing, with Nintendo of America’s Camp Miiverse challenge! From the comfort of your own home! With real sports! Okay, fine, with sports on a screen. That don’t require any actual physical exertion.

NintendoTom will be posting a game-related challenge every Monday / Wednesday / Friday. Gamers who participate will need to complete the challenges, upload the required evidence, and try to “win” for their camp team. Some of these are single day events and others go the course of the weekend. Here are more details:


Make sense? Okay, so here’s your first challenge, held in Wii Sports: Baseball. Don’t mind the whole “online game” part, because we don’t think you can actually post a screenshot during an online game, but playing against the CPU will work just fine. Give it a go!

“Hi campers!


Here’s the first challenge:
Hit a home run during a game in Wii Sports Club Baseball!


In either Online Game or Local Game, play and hit a home run!


Once you do, post a screenshot with the “Home Run” on the screen on the Wii Sports Club Community using either tags “Team Mario” or “Team Zelda”. Choose your team wisely!


You’ll have until this Sunday 7/20 at 11:59pm PT to post your screenshot proving you hit a home run.
We’ll tally up the results on Monday to see which team received more screenshots!

Some pointers:
+Keep in mind that the “Home Run” will only be displayed for a few seconds, so act fast!

+Remember that it has to be from either Online Game or Local Game! The screenshot has to have the scores and stats on the top corners,

+Make sure to post your screenshot to the Wii Sports Club community! I’ll be posting my pic shortly.

+If you don’t own the full game, a time-limited demo is available for download on the Nintendo eShop.


Good luck campers, and and may the best team win!”


Take a look below at what NintendoTom is looking for:


So… who’s heading to Camp this summer?


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