Nintendo Stock at Highest Value Since February

Although Nintendo’s Q1 financial results will be posted on July 30th, it’s worth mentioning that since January, the trend of the company’s value has been heading upwards—perhaps a reaction to some very specific strategies undertaken by Nintendo.

However, even more notable is that the past few days have seen significant landmarks for the company, with Nintendo’s stock jumping by 3.4 percent yesterday in Tokyo to 12,925. This is the highest value since February 26th of this year.

The closing markets today, on July 23rd, saw a further increase of 0.89%, bringing Nintendo to 13,040¥. There will be natural fluctuations in the week ahead, for better or worse, but this is a significant milestone for a company whose decline in financial results over the past few years had many investors (and fans) squirming in their seats.

It’ll be interesting to see the Q1 report at the end of the month—as usual, we’ll give you the highlights and try to make sense of things from a layman’s perspective.


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