Four Minutes of Detailed Hyrule Warriors Footage in HD

You know you want it… and Nintendo of America is giving it to you. Earlier today, Japanese online service Niconico featured Hyrule Warriors in its broadcast, showing off details and characters in clips of brand-new footage.

The footage featured the most recently announced playable stages and characters (from Ocarina of Time), so naturally it was only a matter of time before Nintendo of America ensured that those of us on this side of the ocean could watch it as well. They’ve taken the best of the footage, localized it in HD, and have presented it to us on a shiny, silver platter (or, uh, YouTube page).

You’ll see the cast—goodies and baddies—as well as weapons, multiplayer, cuccos, and plenty more. It’s fan-service at its absolute best, so if you’re in any way a fan of anything that has to do with this game, get off reddit for five minutes and give this video a watch.


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