Wii Version of Skylanders Trap Team Includes Download Code for Wii U Version

With the impending release of Skylanders Trap Team, Activision is no doubt rubbing their hands together in anticipation of another wad of cash falling into their laps. The series has performed fairly well on Nintendo’s platforms, specifically the Wii, and of course Nintendo would love to turn that success toward the Wii U edition as well.

So it’s bizarre and yet very exciting to see a retweet from Nintendo of America of the game’s official Twitter account that announces a free download code for the Wii U edition of Skylanders Trap Team will be included with Wii copies of the game.

The link in the Tweet takes you to an Amazon starter pack product page that doesn’t mention the download code, but it sounds like this free code should apply to all Wii editions. Since figurines and portals are cross-platform products, it’s a little weird… why would you need a Wii U code if you buy the Wii version? Doesn’t that mean you don’t have a Wii U and therefore can’t use the code?

But, maybe it means players will pass on their code and thereby increase the amount of people playing the game—specifically those who were not otherwise planning to purchase the game. Brand promotion, anyone?

Regardless of the reasoning, cross-platform promotion is a welcome sight, rare though it may be. Now the only question is, if you were planning on purchasing the Wii U edition, should you just pick up the Wii version and share your code with a friend… adding another Skylanders addict to the masses?


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