Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Song Trailer

There’s been a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate released by Capcom, which features the “Song of the Cornerstone,” brought to you by a ghostly singer. The song is haunting and relaxing, though still upbeat enough to stabby-stab things as the music inhabits your soul… something like that, anyway.

The “Song of the Cornerstone” has a calmer melody than the “Ode to Life” song from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and the visuals in this trailer are much ethereal, so to speak. You’ll see monsters and hunters (surprise) appearing and dissolving in the landscape, with many wide-feel shots.

If you’ve never experienced a Monster Hunter game before, this may be a good way for newbies to take a look at what the land and visual atmosphere is like, while series veterans may find themselves longing for a good blade and a challenging fight…


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