New Trailer Shows Project CARS May Be Worth the Wait

Project CARS… *crickets chirping* … yeah, we know. What can we say about it? You know more about Super Smash Bros., heck, you knew more about Shovel Knight in the few months leading up to its release than you know about Project CARS after two years of waiting for it.

After the initial excitement for the game, the thrill has more or less died down in the two years of development for this title. But here’s the rub—the newest trailer for the game shows exactly what those two years of waiting have brought forth, and it’s worth it.

Talk about a transformation… the incredible screenshots for the game are unparalleled, and while we can be certain that the graphical potential of the Wii U is less than what we see here (since the Wii U’s focus has never been on graphical processing), the developers have assured Nintendo fans that the game will feature breathtaking visuals no matter how you choose to run the game.

The video below doesn’t tell us which system (or setup) the game is running on, but you can take a look at the side-by-side comparison that shows us just how far the game has come. Developer Slightly Mad Studios is no newcomer to making racing games, so you can put plenty of hope into the end result of this one—whenever that may be.


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