Skylanders Trap Team Comes to Tablets

With the release of Skylanders Trap Team right around the corner—the latest entry in the enormously popular Skylanders series from Activision—the game and the sales of the figures are expected to bring another slew of sales for the holiday season. The game is heading to a wide range of platforms, including of course the Wii U, 3DS, and also the Wii.

The Wii has seen many sales for the series so far, and this time around it looks like Nintendo is hoping to convert some of those sales onto the Wii U. However, it looks like the whole venture may have just hit a bit of a snag… because the title, the full game title, is coming to tablets. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony might be quaking a little bit, because this changes the game entirely.

While the Skylanders franchise has had separate games and apps for smartphones and tablets, this is the first time the whole game will be available to play—the starter pack even comes with a Bluetooth-enabled portal for the figurines, and a special child-sized wireless controller (plus other standard items in a starter pack).

To reiterate, this is the full console game, just as would be found on a regular console, and can be played on the iPad, Android tablets, and Amazon’s Fire devices. Now consider this—how many homes have a tablet already available? And if you have a tablet, how inclined are you to purchase a console for your child in order to play this game?

Paul Reiche, the co-founder and president of game developer Toys for Bob, said this in an interview with the BBC:

“We know we have a huge audience of kids that are gaming almost exclusively on tablets.

I feel like this is a legitimate audience for us to address. We really wanted to make sure that we could invest and give a complete ‘triple-A’ [big budget] choice that is one-to-one with our consoles.”


Consider that Nintendo’s amiibo toys will be heading onto store shelves in the near future, and Disney Infinity 2.0 will also be vying for space on the shelves. Looking at all the options, and the new feature of not needing a console in order to play one of these games, makes the Skylanders tablet edition a very compelling choice for a parent, does it not?

Will this release set a precedent? Its success—or failure—may very well determine how this plays out in the future.


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