Type All the Right Words With Typoman

It’s a good thing that typos don’t have life-and-death consequences… or do they?!

The very possibility is enough to make your fingers quake across the keyboard, which is perhaps why it’s the premise behind developer HeadUp Games’ newest title, Typoman.

The game is coming to the Wii U eShop (among other platforms), and looks like a puzzle platformer with semblances of previous games like Limbo (the port for which was also produced by HeadUp Games).

While HeadUp Games is mostly known for its ports, Typoman is (as far as we know) an original game for the company, and will center around completing words to finish puzzles.

If it sounds weird, don’t worry—there’s a concept trailer below that you can check out to make sense of it all, and it looks rather intriguing… and kinda cool. Thus far there is no release date, but we imagine we’ll hear more soon.


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