PAX Prime 2014: 3DS/DS Handheld Tournaments (Advance Information)

PAX Prime is about to converge on Seattle, and along with it go thousands upon thousands of handheld consoles… many of them looking for challengers and many, many Streetpasses.

Each year at the convention there are a number of official tournaments run for console and handheld games, and we’ve been trying to bring you the full slate of information for each day on the various mornings of the con.

The good news is, this year we’re posting a preview list courtesy of the PAX Prime forums, where there’s limited information on things like sign-up times and locations—but the list of games on the schedule should remain constant at this point, though the times may shift.

Check back in each morning between Aug.29-Sept.1 for more detailed information, but in the meantime, these are the games you’re going to want to start brushing up your skills on in the week ahead, should a tournament be on your “must do” list:

Mario Tennis (3DS) — 2pm
Tetris DS (DS) — 6pm

Kid Icarus (3DS) — 11am
MarioKart 7 (3DS) — 1:30pm
Luigi’s Mansion (3DS) — 6:30pm

Mario Golf World Tour (3DS) — 12pm

Super Mario Bros 3 “Wizard Race” (2DS/3DS/GBA) — 1pm
Starfox 64 3D (3DS) — 5pm

…and remember, even if you don’t see a tournament that fits your interests, there are plenty of impromptu tournaments run throughout the weekend, and lots of people around willing to play!


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