PAX Prime: Where Can You Find Nintendo?

Let’s make this easy on you! Where do you go to head to Nintendo’s booths?

Nintendo’s two main areas are located within the WSCC, so stick around in there to get most of the action.

Handheld Lounge – Level 2 & Level 3. If there are beanbags lying around, grab one and sit down! There’s a gaming sign-out area on Level 2 at the Handheld HQ. Games are available to be borrowed for an hour, and you will be required to leave some form of ID as collateral.

Expo Hall – There are two main areas here. Nintendo’s primary booth can be accessed by entering from the Skybridge, then heading straight to the back of the Expo Hall, putting Ubisoft on your right and Microsoft on your left (if you attended in 2013, Nintendo/Ubisoft/Microsoft are all located in the same spaces as last year). As you head back you’ll pass Turtle Beach, The Next Level, and more Ubisoft. If you’ve hit the area where you’ve got Sega on your right, Nintendo should be on your left!

It’s also worth noting that back through the Skybridge—across from Twitch and Wargaming.Net—is a Pokemon booth. Here, you can try Pokemon Art Academy and admire the massive Pikachu hanging from the ceiling.

Also remember that there are additional Nintendo games scattered throughout the Expo Hall and elsewhere (3DS area, indie booths), so keep an eye out for those when you’re at other booths too!


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