PAX Prime: First Impressions – Woah Dave! (Wii U)

Who loves old school games? Better question is, who doesn’t? (Well… maybe anyone who didn’t grow up in the 80’s and 90’s…) Anyway, if old school games are up your alley, you should seriously check out Woah Dave!

The game’s goal is for you to gather up change from fallen monsters and, well, survive. As long as you can. The problem is that alien eggs keep falling onto the screen, and eventually they’ll hatch. Naturally, the creatures inside are going to come after you.

To crush the eggs, you can throw them at the already-hatched aliens, but if you’re not careful, the aliens will fall into the lava at the bottom of the screen and evolve into nastier aliens. Simple as that!

It’s simple concept that’ll appeal to players who love the old pixilated art style and frantic action of ye olde tyme games—and uh, fun.

The game is planning for release on the 3DS (and Vita), so keep an eye out for this one coming from developer Choice Provisions (previously Gaigin Games).



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