PAX Prime: First Impressions – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U)

Since we’ll likely be giving you a full review of this one later in the year after release, we won’t spend too much time squealing over the delightfulness that is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The demo at PAX was short, as to be expected, but it was fun and engaging enough to set us wondering what the full game will be like.

As you may know, the game was a bit of a surprise when it was announced, as fans wondered how Nintendo would manage to create a full game based around a series of minigames from Super Mario 3D World. However, it seems from this brief demo that they may have pulled it off.

We were able to choose from a few levels, and the level design was witty enough to have built upon the framework of the minigames rather than simply copied everything from it. The boss battle along with the levels were all based around puzzle-solving, because little Captain Toad isn’t one for violence—plus, he can’t jump (have you seen the size of that backpack compared to his little body?!), which means it’s up to the player to use their brain to solve the puzzle.

There was also an intriguing rail shooter section that added a lovely and surprising element, leaving us with the impression that this may be a winner of a game after all.

Whether the concept can be stretched out into a full title is still up in the air—how many puzzle levels can one solve before it gets tedious, after all?—but it’s certainly a possibility and we’re rooting for its success.

Update: See the video below from WikiGameGuides right from the show floor!


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