PAX Prime: Nintendo Console Tournaments (Saturday)

On day two, arguably the busiest day of PAX Prime, there are once again plenty of console tournaments to get involved with. While they may be held later in the day, be sure to get to the sign-up sheets early to get your name down.

We admit that of the three listed below, we only know that the first one is guaranteed to be on a Nintendo console. The program does not list which system each game is played on, so we’re doing our best guess for Perfect Dark and NBA Jam… so please, ask at the sign-in desk before you commit to the tournament, if that is of concern to you. Fingers crossed they’re on Nintendo consoles, thought!

Plan to play in these for 4 hours at most, though the majority of tournaments should take much less time (ie. the official program only slots them in 2-hour blocks).

  • 11am – Goldeneye 007
  • 7pm – Perfect Dark
  • 9pm – NBA Jam: On Fire Edition


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