PAX Prime: First Impressions – Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

The line for Hyrule Warriors at Prime was massive… we’re talking Smash Bros. massive, for at least one of the days, and the attendees looked perfectly happy to be waiting there for their turns to button mash for a few minutes.

Like the Smash Bros. demo, playing the Hyrule Warriors demo for a few minutes doesn’t really give a player a whole lot of time to experience what the game is capable of—it’s figuring out those combos and really getting a full tutorial of the controls that’ll do that—but it did give us the impression that it would deliver on its promises.

You get what you expect from the various characters—like Midna’s magic hair that punches stuff—and the combos we saw were fairly spectacular. We can only imagine what the full game will all the characters will be like, especially once a player gets past the button-mashing stage.

All characters can pick up the items that drop, which is a bit of a relief during play, but in this particular demo you are unable to switch to different heroes on the field. Whether that will be possible in the final version of the game, we’re a bit unsure.

Hyrule Warriors releases at the end of the month on September 26th, and it seems that fans of Dynasty Warriors and the Zelda series of games are eagerly awaiting this instalment to the Wii U in North America.


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