PAX Prime: First Impressions – Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

This game was set up outside of the main expo hall, in the escalator area thoroughfare near the Handheld Lounge beanies. It’s one of the spots that Nintendo has “claimed” over the past few Primes, though if anyone doesn’t take these back stairs, it’s possible that they’ll miss what’s there.

That said, the wait for Bayonetta 2 was not nearly as long as the almost-always-capped Hyrule Warriors line, so it wasn’t nearly as tedious to check it out.

Bayonetta 2 comes across as a game that will appeal to folks who loved the first Bayonetta—lots of combos in the fighting, the same style of artwork and colors as you’d expect, and very flashy. The action was intense and continuous, but in many ways seemed very reminiscent in the demo of the first Bayonetta game. Just… shinier.

This second instalment has a new Umbra mode, which the booth attendants were happy to show off. It’s a reward system for your combos, rewarding the player with extra powerful moves as you complete combos. And those hair summons and spells? They’re here as well, as there’s more of them than before.

Speaking of hair and Bayonetta herself, Nintendo didn’t pull back on allowing the developer to bring the main character’s sexiness to the screen. There’s no censoring here, in the sense that the same sex appeal and sass that players loved from the first game is still here, if not amped up a bit.

From a viewer’s standpoint, it was very clear that the graphics are not something to be concerned about in regard to having this game only on the Wii U. It looks great, the controls are responsive, and it even looks great on the GamePad if you prefer to play there than on your TV screen.

We’re still hearing from booth attendants that the game will release in late October, so stick it on your schedule.


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