PAX Prime: First Impressions—Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)

This is going to be a very short “first impressions” post because, well, none of us here at NintendoFire are huge Monster Hunter fans, and therefore it’s going to be difficult for us to really give you accurate information in regard to how this title compares to the series as a whole. We know that it’s probably the hardcore fans that are most interested in how this plays out, so in that regard, we do recommend you check out some of the other fantastic reviews of the demo on a few other gaming news sites. All right? Then come back and finish reading our coverage of PAX Prime 2014!

What we can tell you is that in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players can actually mount monsters and stab them in the back during attacks. To use most weapons in this way, you’ll need to find a ledge to use to get up onto the monster, then jump onto its back, though for some you’ll be able to do a jump move, knock the monster over, and climb up for some stabbity time.

For the most part, we understand that many of the monsters in this edition are returning favorites or staples of the Monster Hunter canon, though there are new creatures ready for players to discover and fight as the game progresses.

It’s really not the most intuitive thing for a brand new player to the Monster Hunter franchise to just pick up and play, however. The demo at PAX was slightly intimidating because you were set up in a team with 3 other players to take on monsters, so it was a difficult setup for new players to jump into and learn the ropes—by the time you’ve figured out how to do a critical move, the other experienced players have already taken the monster down.

From that perspective, it was perhaps not the best way to present the game, but then again, we do wonder how many brand new players would be getting into the series at this point anyway (rather than beginning with an earlier title). Maybe there are many, but we can’t imagine this would be the best point of entry (this demo, specifically) to do so.


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