PAX Prime: First Impressions—Stealth Inc. 2 (Wii U)

This Wii U exclusive title sat on the Level 2 rear of the WSCC, near the handheld lounge, in between other more recognizable titles. Hopefully you didn’t miss it if you were there, but if you did, here are our thoughts on the upcoming game from Curve Digital.

Stealth Inc. 2 is the sequel to Stealth Inc., and you may know the game previously by the title Stealth Bastards. For obvious reasons the name was changed, and you begin Stealth Inc. 2 in a similar way to the first game. You’ll be controlling a little clone who happens to have woken up out of turn, attempting to escape his fate of a short life and dangerous work environment. Naturally, the gameplay is stealth-based, and the character you play wears very recognizable goggles to reflect the stealth element: Red is visible, green is you’re hidden.

Unlike its predecessor, Stealth Inc. 2 includes gadgets and co-op mode, and players will be able to explore throughout the cloning facility. In the test chambers, the bulk of the game appears in the form of puzzles for your little clone to solve to he can save his fellow clones.

The overworld is apparently enormous and fully explorable, but areas need to first be unlocked by recovering certain gadgets. There are 500 levels, giving players over 20 hours of gameplay. The demo at Prime showed off three gadgets (but you’ll be able to access six at a time), each with specific uses in areas of the game.

Light plays a large component in the game, and the controls were responsive. It doesn’t seem to be an easy game, with plenty of challenges thrown in and some brainwork required in regard to solving the puzzles and using the gadgets correctly. For fans of the original game, this will be a delight—especially with how much content there is here. Stealth continues to play a large role, but platforming skills also come in handy.

Currently, Curve Studios is saying October 23rd of this year for the game’s release. It seems that Stealth Inc. 2 has managed to successfully maintain the appeal of the original’s core experience, while also changing up the formula enough to keep it fresh, new, and both physically and mentally challenging.


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