PAX Prime: Panels of Interest (Monday)

While there are no Nintendo-specific panels happening at PAX Prime this year, we’ve gone through the program and highlighted several panels each day that we think might be of interest to our readers. This may be due to content, the list of panelists, or just general thematic ties.

Please remember that these suggestions are entirely subjective, and we encourage you to flip through the program on your own to find things that interest you—but perhaps our suggestions will cause something to jump out at you that you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed!

  • Hedgehog Theatre: Games Done Quick: Speedrunning for Life and Charity (10:30am-11:30am)
    • “How long did it take you to beat A Link to the Past? Ten hours? Twenty? What about Symphony of the Night? Dark Souls 2? Did you know A Link to the Past could be beaten in 2 minutes or Dark Souls 2 in less than 20? We’re speedrunners, and we beat games as quickly as possible. We’re also the organizers behind the Games Done Quick charity speedrun marathons. We’re here to answer some questions, talk about speedrunning, Awesome and Summer Games Done Quick, and do some live speedrunning demos!”


  • Wyvern Theatre: Oldschool Chiptune Music in Modern Games (12:30pm-1:30pm)
    • “Everyone remembers the bleeps and bloops of the mighty NES, but now that video games often have fully modern/orchestral scores, is there still room for that lovable 8-but music? Panelists and chiptune veterans Virt, Big Giant Circles and Br1ght Pr1mate say yes! And with chiptune music contributing to projects like the smash hit shovel Knight, The Glory Days, and Rain World (which collectively raised over $437,000 on Kickstarter alone) it looks like the gamers of the world largely agree!”


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