Fantasy Life Trailer: Pick Your Profession!

Fantasy Life, the game released in Japan in 2013 and yearned for by many sim-life fans here in North America, is almost here! It’s heading to your 3DS on October 24th, and Nintendo UK is doing its best to educate us all about the professions within the game.

While we wish this was a trailer from Nintendo of America, we’re not going to be too picky and assume that they’ll put out some of their own promotional material soon.

Fantasy Life has a large emphasis on picking a “life” in the game—ie. a profession—and earning “bliss”, money, and experience from helping others through it. You’re also able to swap between “lives” when you want to, so you’re not stuck with one experience for the duration.

Take a look at the trailer below—are you one of the game’s far-away fans now looking forward to this one?


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