New Ace Attorney Features Sherlock Holmes

According to the Japanese site Game Jouhou, it’s being reported that Capcom’s newest, upcoming 3DS instalment The Great Ace Attorney, will actually include the famous detective Sherlock Holmes… with a twist, of course.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s timeless character will have the ubiquitous Watson by his side, as expected, but naturally Capcom is going to do things a little differently. Watson will be played by an 8-year-old girl instead of a wounded, former military, male doctor (as in, you know, the original novels).

The game will likely be previewed at the Tokyo Game Show, but Capcom has already released a teaser of the silhouettes for these new characters on the game’s official website.

As previously mentioned, The Great Ace Attorney is to be set during the Meiji Period in Japan and is being spearheaded by the series creator, Shu Takumi.


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