Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition in North America… Sort Of

Attention, Hyrule Warriors fans! Good and bad news is coming your way right now. The good news: The Limited Edition of Hyrule Warriors is coming to North America. The bad news: It’ll only be available at the Nintendo World Store, and you can’t pre-order it.

On release day, Limited Edition copies will be sold first-come, first-served, and that’s it.

Why isn’t Nintendo allowing other retailers to sell this? Doesn’t it seem like they’re throwing away money by not offering it to eager fans?

On the other hand, this last-minute decision to offer these copies may mean the logistics of distribution weren’t able to be worked out in time, since the game releases on Sept. 26th.

Anyone who’s desperate for a Hyrule Warriors scarf, get yourself to the Nintendo World Store in New York and get in line.


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