The Wonderful 101 Gets a Soundtrack Release

Though it’s been awhile since the release of The Wonderful 101, Platinum Games has announced that they’ll be offering up a digital released of the game’s soundtrack.

There are 127 tracks from the game, and while this would have needed five CDs to fit it all on, the bonus in using a digital-only format is that you don’t have to mess around with a bunch of shiny discs. Let your music player or computer handle it!

The main theme’s lyrical version is included in this release, and the sound quality of the soundtrack is apparently an improvement over what you’ve heard within the game—thus it should be far more pleasant to listen to on its own.

The official Platinum games blog posted about the challenges faced in getting this soundtrack to market, which you can read here.

The tracks will be released in two bundles for $10 each, and will be available beginning September 15th.


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