Stealth Inc 2 Coming in October

Despite the game’s predecessor not previously being available on a piece of Nintendo hardware in the past, Stealth Inc 2 was slated for release as a Wii U eShop exclusive, surprising everyone who knew anything about the game. Since then, developer Curve Studios has confirmed several other titles it’ll be bringing to the Wii U: Lone Survivor and The Swapper.

But Curve Studios is no stranger to Nintendo in general, since they developed the Fluidity / Hydroventure titles on Nintendo’s products, so the challenging puzzle-platformer Stealth Inc 2 should be a welcome addition to the Wii U library.

The game will be releasing in the eShop on October 23rd, though no price point has been announced yet. Hopefully Curve Studios’ choice to go with the Wii U eShop will set a good example for other smaller download developers—so if you’re at all interested in this title, set the date on your calendar and show some support on release day!


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