Miyamoto’s Pikmin Short Films to Debut in October

Last year, it was announced that Shigeru Miyamoto was in the process of overseeing a number of Pikmin animated short films. His passion for the Pikmin franchise, alongside his early career work in comics, were part of what made this possible, and despite the failed desire to release the films at the same time as the Pikmin 3 game, work has continued on the films.

Finally, three of these films will have their premiere this October at the Tokyo International Film Festival: Occupational Hazards, The Night Juicer, and Treasures in a Bottle.

Here’s what Miyamoto had to say back in 2013 about The Night Juicer when he first announced his work on the film project:

“When Olimar first discovered the Pikmin he named them based on the PikPik brand carrots in his home world, so he clearly loves carrots. I thought it would be fun to have a scenario where it seems like he is going to eat the Pikmin. So it’s kind of dark, but he doesn’t eat them.”

Thankfully no Pikmins are actually harmed in the film (ah-hah), and Miyamoto will be giving a presentation at the premiere alongside Dwango’s CEO. Dwango is a Japanese media company who owns NicoNico, another company within which Nintendo has significant shares.

Despite premiering in Tokyo, doubtless we’ll see these come to North America sometime in the near future. Perhaps on the Wii U or 3DS eShop, or even in the Nintendo Video area? We’ll have to wait and see.


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