Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Equals Massive Queue

On Saturday, Hyrule Warriors was released in North America, but the limited edition of the game was only made available in New York at the Nintendo World store. The decision to do this remains a mystery, but it resulted in many, many enthusiastic fans lining up during the night to get a shot at buying a copy.

No one knew how many copies were available until staff began handing out wristbands so that those in line could avoid disappointment—but in a bad case of oversight, there were more wristbands than copies available, so some folks who’d spent hours in line were forced to buy the standard edition instead.

Not surprisingly, eBay copies of the limited edition already have been bid up to hundreds of dollars, with some hundreds and even thousands of dollars as the price point on a few “Buy It Now” auctions.

It’s a complete mystery as to why Nintendo made the decision to do this, considering the extremely high demand for this version of the game… and even odder when one considers that its distribution in Japan and the UK hasn’t been limited really at all. Most large retailers have had copies to sell… so why not in North America?

It remains a mystery… and a serious blow to some folks’ bank accounts, all for a blue scarf.


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