Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Banner Was Mistake

You may have heard about a recent banner at a German expo that had a surprising bit of information on it… both the Wii U logo and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate were on the banner, shocking fans into speculating if the console would actually receive the game in the near future.

However, Capcom has released a statement reiterating that they have no plans to release the game on the Wii U in the near future, and the banner was simply the result of a printing error:

“This was a printing mistake made when the wrong system logo was printed together with the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate logo by accident. This was corrected immediately on Saturday, 13th Sept. when the issue was discovered. MH4U is only in development for Nintendo 3DS”

It’s too bad, but fans can remember that the 3DS version will contain full online functionality, unlike the previous title, so the only real sadness is the enhanced visuals that the Wii U would have to offer (though for some fans, that’s arguably a very BIG downside). All things considered, at least we’re still getting Monster Hunter titles in the West, so that’s a good thing.


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