Debut Trailer for Xeodrifter from Renegade Kid

Back in August, we learned that Renegade Kid was working on a Metroidvania-style action-platformer title, being developed under the name Xeodrifter. Like many other Renegade Kid titles, it would be heading to the 3DS eShop, and now you don’t have to wait any longer to see just what the game will look like.

It’s being touted as the “indie-game equivalent of Metroid”, and you’ll get to play as an interstellar drifter exploring space and traveling between planets. Naturally, there will be many nasty space enemies, space stations with upsides and downs, and a Mutant Mudds-style traversal of the background and foreground of the environment on-screen.

Without further ado, the trailer for Xeodrifter!


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